Selling your house? Here’s 3 jobs you absolutely need to do.

So you’ve decided you want to move house and you’ve chosen your Estate Agent. Your For Sale board has gone up and you got a bit excited when you saw your home listed on Rightmove for the first time. Things are moving nicely and its now time to sit back and wait for the viewers to come.


Not quite.

In order to make your home the most appealing it can be to the largest number of buyers, there are a few more things you can do to maximize your chances of getting a great price within a short timeframe.  Always bear in mind that the other houses for sale that you see on the property portals, the ones in your area in the same price bracket as yours, are your competition.  It’s time to get competitive!

So what can you, as a Vendor do, to make your home more attractive to your target buyer? Read on for an essential list of things that can improve your chances of selling quickly:




               Don’t generate scrunchy faces

  1. Curb appeal. You may have heard this term before. It’s the term given to the feeling a buyer gets when they look at your home from the street. Without good curb appeal, you’re going to immediately fall down the list of priorities in a buyer’s mind. You want people to feel excited when they see the main external image on your Rightmove listing. Or in the very least, intrigued to find out more. Don’t immediately put them off by having a shabby front. Cut the grass and trim any shrubs and trees back. Jet wash any paths or driveways and repaint fences and gates with a fresh coat of paint. Add a few planted pots with hardy perennial plants that won’t require too much maintenance.




Yes, they will notice it.

2. Fix “that” problem. You know, the one you’re embarrassed about when people come around. Whether it be a small bit of damp in the corner of your dining room or a missing door to your kitchen, fix it so it doesn’t distract the buyer from the rest of your home.  You don’t want them thinking of your home as “the one with the bad (insert bad thing here)”.



Do you know who I am?

3. You’re not a celebrity. It being “your” house isn’t a selling point in itself (unless you actually are a celebrity, in which case you might have bigger issues!).

Have you ever been on a house viewing where the owner is there? Was it awkward? You’re looking around their home actively making judgments with the person who made those decisions standing right next to you. Not the most comfortable experience.

People want to be free to be nosey, to look in cupboards and check that taps work. So, what if you go out when the viewing is taking place...but your home is full of family photographs and kids' drawings? It’s the same thing, albeit to a lesser degree.  Your buyer will feel like an intruder. Depersonalize your space. Put them away in a box ready for your next home and get some cheap canvases to fill the gaps if necessary.


Follow these three key tips and you’ll be well on your way to selling your home and moving on to the next stage in your life. Don’t be afraid to consult your Estate Agent for more tips on improving your selling prospects either. That’s what we’re here for!


Happy Selling!




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