How to Stage your Home For Sale: Part One


So what is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the art of presenting your home for sale in the best possible light. It includes a number of different tactics to showcase the best of your home’s features, whilst toning down any flaws.

When you go into a high street shop, you expect to see a number of things such as good lighting, cleanliness, plenty of space to move around freely and some well-placed feature-points to attract your attention. Retail experts know that these are things that encourage sales. Selling your home is no different. Staged homes sell for an average 17% more and 87% faster than non-staged homes.


Read on for part one of our Top Ten Tips to stage your home for sale, to get those offers rolling in:



1. Replace all blown light-bulbs. A bright, light space makes the viewer feel more positive.



 2. Regularly open the windows and give the property a good airing. This is especially important for vacant properties where the air can get stale.



 3. Clean! It sounds obvious perhaps, but it’s amazing how many vendors neglect this. Hoover, polish, tidy. Get a friend to help.



 4. Declutter. Go through all your belongings on display and think whether they really need to be out on view. If they don’t, put them away in the attic or outbuilding or simply donate them to charity. This will also make your life easier when you move.



 5. Hide any evidence of pets. This includes cat litter trays, pet toys and food bowls. As much as Britain is an animal-loving nation, the smells and mess that can come with pet-ownership are not necessarily what a buyer wants to see.  


These are the basics of preparing your home for sale. It can take a little time but it’s worth it to see the offers rolling in! Come back next week for the fine-tuning of home staging, including decorating, furniture-placement and accessorising.


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