Ten top tips for tenants

Jun 27, 2013

If you can’t (or don’t want) to buy your own property, and living with your parents has lost its charm, renting is the next option to consider. Now you have to decide whether you...

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Ten top tips for making property pay

Jun 27, 2013

There are currently an estimated 3.84 million privately rented properties in this country – a figure set to rise as the population grows and increasing numbers of people opt to rent or find...

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Red Keys, All Blacks & Red-Bricks

Jun 25, 2013

The fastest growing specialist letting agent in South Wales took up residence in Swansea last month, having acquired SA1 Executive Apartments; and immediately kicked off by sponsoring ‘The...

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Red Key just keeps on growing

Jun 3, 2013

Red Key Property Services was born out of its founder’s (Jamie Langley) desire to do things properly, having seen large property letting companies forget the value of their customers. He...

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Red Key helps Rogerstone RFC run… and run

Jun 2, 2013

So what possible correlation could there be between one of South Wales’ fastest growing letting agents and one of its seasoned local Rugby Clubs? Well in actual fact there are loads of...

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To protect your money, use a SAFE agent…

Jun 1, 2013

There is an interesting relationship between cost, risk and safety in any area of life; be it sport, education, business… or even a simple trip to the shops. The one of these three...

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